The Warrior Flash Game - Santabanta

The Warrior flash Game -  Play online flash game and win and become warrior.

Play "The Way of the Exploding Stick" Free Online Flash Game

The Way of the Exploding Stick is a flash game in which you have to use the combo key S, X, S to perform a triple scissor kick. Use X-key while jumping, still or moving, to give justice from above when an arms length away use V-key to throw an opponent. Enjoy!! 

Play "War On Terrorism II" Free Online Flash Game

War On Terrorism II is a flash game in which you will have to complete four mission, you will be given three weapon main one is M4A1 Carbine, secondary is M9 9mm Pistol, special meapon is H&K MP5 9x19mm, so use these weapon and kill terrorist and save world, Enjoy!! 

Play "Tyukok Chicken Eggs Collector" Free Online Flash Game

Tyukok Chicken Eggs Collector is a flash game in which you have to collect Chicken eggs in bucket and scores more point make sure dont collect the chicken waste, Try to score more and more  & Clear Level, Enjoy!! 

Play "Trial Bike 2" Free Online Flash Game

Trial Bike 2 is a flash game in which you have to drive your bike in Dirt and seriously bad Dirt, use the arrow keys to race and get to the finish flag! Shorter the time higher the score will be. After each level you will be able to submit your score and see your results,Enjoy!!